Performance of the tasks necessary for the rectification, update, improvement and evolution of the modules for effective processing of administrative files through electronic means.

Government of the Balearic Islands
Electronic file processing services

Initial situation

Within the framework of exercising the functions related to the planning and regulation of the communications and emerging information technologies sectors, over the past few years, the Government has been promoting the development and implementation of a series of corporate information systems. This has been put at the disposal of management staff across all the regional departments, and is either publicly accessible—with information available to all citizens—or restricted to authorised users. The Government has done this through different service agreements or by using its own resources for specific tasks.

Diagnosis / keys to the project

Likewise, the aim was to achieve the strategic alignment of all the projects being undertaken, which included a cross-cutting vision that would take into account that:
- The ICT strategy within the context of a public administrative body must be aligned with the overall strategy of its Government and, if the latter bases its policy on openness and a citizen focus, the same should apply to its ICT strategy.
- Good Government, or ICT governance, has to translate the lines of action inherent to corporate governance in terms of rules, organisation, efficiency, transparency, etc. into its area, particularly with regard to its strategy as the basis for its action.
- Moreover, this project was necessary to deal with the challenges posed by legislation on the electronic access of citizens to public services, the digital agenda for Europe, the national interoperability scheme and the principles of efficiency and productivity that should govern public administrative bodies.

Solution and benefits

The solution implemented by Limit Tecnologies was based on the addition of electronic file processing services: performing the tasks necessary for the rectification, update, improvement and evolution of the modules that would allow civil servants to effectively process administrative files through electronic means. These modules comprise: the corporate file manager (HELIUM), the electronic file repository (RIPEA) and the Balearic Islands Interoperability Platform (PINBAL), as well as the integrations with CAIB’s information systems.