Olive oil management and traceability

GestOli has been designed to be a management system for accounting and traceability in the olive oil industry.

The following are the advantages that GestOli can offer industry stakeholders:

– It simplifies the red tape for both olive growers, olive oil producers, packaging companies and Control Boards.

– It is the first-ever online system for accounting management for the olive oil industry

– It lets olive oil mills and/or packaging companies monitor their premises from anywhere in the world.

– It allows for the online submission of the monthly activity statements related to the Control Board.

– It makes it possible to digitally sign off on procedures, which are as legally valid as those physically signed.

– It lets olive oil producers and packaging companies show their customers and society at large the transparency of their traceability and control system.

– Innovative, secure and agile traceability system. Data available in real time from the supervisory authorities.

– It will allow promotional and/or advertising actions to be carried out. Promotional websites, sending of SMS messages, etc.

– The statements for the Control Boards and the Government are sent online and this will greatly simplify the operators’ work.

– It includes a module for stay abreast of quality issues within the premises, such as HACCPs, traceability, etc.

– It sends information to publicly accessible websites such as information on olive oil with a Designation of Origin, how to use it, traceability, miscellaneous information, etc.