Waste management and green fleets

Waste management, tracking and tracing.

The waste management solution allows for the control of waste generated at different collection points in the municipality, providing an adequate management tool for the study and tracking of the service, which may lead to improvements and optimisations. It also allows for the control of the street cleaning, gardening and street furniture cleaning services and the management of green fleets.

It comes with a set of electronic and communications equipment that makes it possible to collect and send field information in real time, such as the geographic locations of the waste bins and historical data on collections, routes taken by the cleaning services, etc. and managing this information.

– Build-in weight measurement systems in waste collection vehicles.

– Waste bin identification system.

– GPS tracking and location system.

– Route tracking.

– Use of smartphone and tablets.

It allows for the management of green fleets, keeping control over incoming and outgoing waste, re-use management, communications with authorised managers and the Government.

The management modules are developed in JAVA and PHP, in WEB format, so that only a web browser is needed to access them. Among the main advantages, it is worth mentioning:

– Improvement in the management and control of waste collection and services, including data capture and analysis and the optimisation of services.

– Encouragement of citizen participation, promoting awareness.

– Encouragement for waste reduction and recycling.

– Reduction of the costs associated with the generation and elimination of waste, and the maintenance of municipal services.